Me Made May Week 1

Monday // Worn out to breakfast downtown, plus art supply shopping, and then home for afternoon work.

Hand-knit cardigan, made from recycled wool. No pattern- but loosely inspired by vintage bulky cardigans. The yarn is almost Lopi-like, and the buttons are yarn covered pop-tabs, because nothing else had big enough holes to get the yarn through! Black linen skirt, repurposed from a truly heinous vintage GAP wrap skirt from my Oma. Simple gathered skirt, with a waist band that snaps and a short zipper up the back. Original hem left intact. Earring. Yes, just one. A triangle of leather hanging from chains. The other broke years ago. 

Socks, factory rejects, purchased new. Clogs, leggings and tank top gifted or hand-me-downs.

Tuesday // Worn to work at home

Handknit sweater. My first ever, actually. 12 years old, in very good shape. Cropped because I got tired of knitting the body and was looking forward to the yoke. Very tight sleeves for the same reason. Made of Cascade 220, no pattern

Wool hat, purchased new many years ago. Thermal, secondhand. Sweatpants gifted.

Wednesday, Friday, Saturday // Worn to work

I work out of the house three days a week, and I have all but given up on wearing anything interesting on those days. Beloved pieces will inevitably wind up with paint on them, skirts and dressed will always jinx me up a ladder or into a deep squat with a stranger, and everything gets covered up with an apron anyway. Still- hand-knit socks! And this vintage sweater from a buddy, that I gave a good indigo dip after a not so good red wine splash down the front.

Levis, purchased new. T-shirt, also new. Ring from aithō adorn.

Thursday // Buddy hangs and a lot of couch snugs.

It was almost warm enough for this 80's resort-wear jumpsuit. I hemmed and added elastic to the legs and was too excited to wear it to pay attention to how cold it is. Slip ons were thrifted and indigo dipped. You can't see it- but I have a box top under my jumpsuit, which is full handmade and repurposed. My sweater is wool, thrifted in Seattle long ago, and my jacket was gifted from a buddy. The cowl is hand dyed and knit, I grabbed it as an after thought and was really glad to have it. 

Jumpsuit, vintage, from here. Jacket, gifted. Sweater and slip-ons, thrifted. Cowl, similar here.