Dye Day


There is nothing that inspires my creative practice more than a deadline. For something else. Yesterday when I had a mountain of work in front of me, I found myself talking to my best friend about pens, then dumping out all of my art supplies and sorting/purging them. I hauled out the dye pot and scoured all of my not-grey/black/indigo underwear along with a canvas bag, some bras, a slip and a few cloth napkins. If you ever want to feel like your washing machine does absolutely nothing, scour some of your clothing for a few minutes. Then I got a big vat of "golden yellow" commercial dye going and plopped everything in. Then I started working (with frequent breaks to stir and admire, of course). 


Golden yellow was a bit misleading- for the second time in my life I have a wealth of pumpkin orange underwear. But bright is bright, and the pillowcases mostly match, so I'm not complaining. Once they were all pulled out of the vat and cooling I realized I should do laundry so I could throw these in at the end (and not risk making anything else orange), so I started on that (with work work languishing on the computer, limping along between loads). 


All this to say, I had to wake up early this morning and get right to work, but there are pops of orange to enjoy in every room (and my art supplies are very organized).