Sunday Morning // French Toast


Some mornings we get to lounge and move slow. Tav makes coffee, I make breakfast. If we were thoughtful and kind to our future selves, the kitchen is clean and ready for the day when we get up. 


Some Sundays we have snack breakfast. Some Sundays we make more involved plans.


This Sunday we made French toast, and stewed berries whipped with ricotta (although we both opted for maple syrup, butter and cinnamon instead). We had a New York Times (found on the street, what a treat!) and coffee coffee coffee.


French Toast

5 slices of sourdough, or softer/white bread

4 Eggs

A Splash of whole milk


Beat the eggs with the milk and cinnamon. Soak each piece of bread until really saturated, and fry in butter until brown. Sprinkle with additional cinnamon and serve with unsalted butter and maple syrup.