Tomorrow River Homestead Residency Journal Excerpts: March 11, 2018.


Even with the "spring forward" I woke up early. Wandered over to the coffee shop and was surprised to find it busy and stylish and full of men in Carhartts drinking little elegant mugs of coffee. And there was internet. I gave my phone a good stare. Finished my coffee and pocketed my granola bar and took a little walk along the river and around the out buildings. 

I spent some time in the studio working on Nellie's quilt. Appliqué is exactly like I imagined. I'm glad I chose linen- I can press the edges into shape and because of the fabric/fiber it stays that way. The studio is the only place where I get internet, so I was also distracted. I don't especially like the ACT of appliqué, although I am quite enamored with the outcome.

Note: I also taught my first knitting class on this day- which was good fun once I loosened up. There were a few experienced knitters and one eager to learn newbie, and everyone walked away with some decent progress. Rubina and I stayed up and knit until midnight while telling each other stories and watching the bunnies hop around. We both finished our hats.