Tomorrow River Homestead Residency Journal Excerpts: March 12, 2018.


Opa's birthday, or it would have been. I slept late, almost 10. Felt weird- maybe emotionally hungover from new people and late night chats. Rubina had texted me a pin for the woods trail, so I put a hardboiled egg in my pocket and walked over to get coffee for the hike. I walked in and there were no customers. A cute boy came over and I asked for a cup of coffee. The boy said they weren't open- only on the weekends. That's why they were so busy the day before, they're only open two days a week! We talked a bit and out of the blue he offered to make me a pour-over, so I hung around for that. 

I walked through town to the trail which was unmarked but easy enough to spot in the snow. On the way there I imagined us living in every single house, as is my constant pastime, and settled on a little white one with seafoam green shutters and a million ancient TV antennas in the front yard.

The woods were beautiful. It was hard to walk on the icy trail with my coffee so I sat down on a log and had breakfast. There were a lot of woodpeckers and woods sounds and little lichen and mushrooms to look at. The woods were full of barberry bushes, spread from someone's yard probably. Jack calls them "hell bushes" because of all of the thorns. We dug one out of her yard once and I will never do that again.

I finished eating and put my coffee cup in my pocket. There were so many beautiful spots in the woods and I couldn't hear or see any other humans. In the grassy bits I looked for praying mantis nests but my eyes weren't adjusted and I didn't spot any. When I was farming I could spot them from a mile away. Towards the end of the woods trail there were some rusted out farm things and I spotted a red headed woodpecker. I found a black walnut tree too, old familiar. I wasn't done hiking so I walked around town a bit. I saw the church and imagined summer gardens in the yards and waved at everyone driving by. 

Later I settled into the studio to appliqué for hours. I like how it's turning out but it's deadly boring. I spent a lot of time on IG and texting and being more communicative than I've been in months. I heard some kitchen sounds but never managed to run into anyone. The boy at the coffee shop was the only person I talked to face to face all day. I ate grilled cheese and cucumber and tinned herring for dinner. I couldn't finish the herring so I put it outside for the barn cats, but I didn't see them.

(Late that night there was a horrible cat fight outside and I couldn't help but feel responsible from contributing the herring)