Quilt No. 1 / Broken Log Cabin


In the age old tradition of practical making, this quilt is pieced almost entirely from repurposed linen, cotton, and silk button downs. Some of the fabric origins are known- a traditional German dress shirt worn by my Opa, a batik cotton robe brought back from Thailand, an Indian vest handed down by an old friend and boss. Many of the fabrics are scraps from other projects, matching boxtops and aprons worn by friends and lovers and family across the country. The back is a thrifted sheet in my beloved favorite floral pattern. 

The pattern used in the quilt is a variation of the log cabin- where strips of fabric are sewn around a red center square, which signifies the hearth, or the heart of the home.

The quilt is machine pieced and hand quilted with cotton thread. The binding is repurposed linen, hand stitched. The batting is unbleached cotton. It is machine washable.

The finished piece is 40"x50". Sized for a kid bed or a couch, or if you're a particular sleeper like me, ideal for spreading across the bottom of the bed to keep your feet just a bit warmer. If you'd like to display the quilt as a wall hanging, let me know and I will add fabric loops to the back for hanging. 


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