Saori Weaving


Wool, linen, cotton, hemp 30” x 16”

These woven pieces are made by Gabrielle Page. For a few months I saved up my scraps that were too small to sew with, and then she incorporated them into her Saori weaving practice. They are made to be used as table runners, although I think they would be stunning hung on the wall :)

Gabrielle Page is a fiber artist who lives in Seattle, WA. As an engineer by day, she indulges in weaving and other fiber arts as her creative outlet. Her weaving practice is an exploration of color and the free weaving process. Using a combination of second-hand yarns and other natural fibers, she creates wall hangings, pillows, rugs, wearables and other textile pieces. She enjoys the methodical aspects of weaving and creating a new life for second hand fibers. Her goal is to bring more awareness and appreciation to handcrafted work and textiles as a whole.

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